Brand Labs

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Project Overview

With a change in leadership, Brand Labs came to Kinship for help with evolving its brand identity to align more closely with its newly refined positioning. 

Brand Labs is a Michigan-based agency specializing in custom ecommerce design and development.

Explore + Execute

The Brand Labs team was very comfortable with the creative process, and we collaborated as a team through the Discovery and Strategy phases of the project. We decided that the current brand equity was not something we needed to hold onto and came to the conclusion that the evolution of the brand needed to be completely new. 

As we started to explore a new visual identity, we took three different directions, eventually refining those down to one clear concept they could confidently align with. To help the Brand Labs team understand the rebrand and successfully use brand elements going forward, we created an in-depth Brand Book & Style Book.

brand book and style guide for Brand Labs
mockup of documents for brand labs