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Project Overview

After starting a new firm, the partners at Due East Advisors came to Kinship for help with crafting a unique brand identity that reflects their purpose, building an informational website, and producing additional collateral to support their brand.

Due East Advisors is a new consulting firm serving organizations working between the U.S., Mainland China, and Taiwan. It partners with its clients by bridging these regions culturally and linguistically in terms of networks and resources to help them achieve their goals.

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Explore + Execute

Through our Discovery Phase, we learned that most competitors are based in China and are either a one-person consultant firm or an out-of-reach, expensive firm. These competitors branded themselves with either bright red or dull colors.

This also helped us hone in on Due East Advisors’ target audiences. Its team is the right mix of small enough to be nimble but experienced enough to know how to handle this fast-moving space. The U.S. and China are arguably two of the most important countries in the world. Due East Advisors connects them successfully.

After reviewing our findings from the Discovery Phase and confirming the details in our Creative Brief, we started to explore different approaches the brand could go. During a few collaboration sessions, we continued to refine the concepts until we had one direction that best fit Due East Advisors’ identity and purpose.

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